Environment - Welger

Automatic tying balers

The main characteristic is that Welger balers have relatively low height and can be installed in (i.ex.) basement of commercial or industrial buildings and can be fed simultaneousely by a conveyor belt (from above) or from front or either side (manually).       Model SB1000 SB2000 SB3000 Bale length,…



PET perforator

For perforation of PET bottles of 1l, 2l or 2,5l.                                       Dimensions   Lenght [mm] 950 Width [mm] 1280 Height [mm] 1700 Feeding chute [mm] 980 x 720 (wxh) Weight [kg] 480 Blades with autoreverse and interchangeable yes   Capacity:   20.000 PET bottles non-returnable per hour type 2,0l 30.000…



Waste Rollers

The Welger special balers (welger patented invention) compact bales with a diameter of 40 cm and length of 60 cm with and a weight of 300kg/cm. It can be used for compacting plastic foil, bags, sponge. It can produce up to 13 bales/h.  Model RV 641 RV 642 RC 660 Machine…



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