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Ballistic separators

Stadler's ballistic separators performs separation into 3 fractions: light (foil, cardboard, paper, textile etc), rolling (recipients of any kind: glass, plastic, aluminum, and heavy parts: metal, wood, stones etc) and fines (usualy organic material, sand, shredded parts). By shaking, materials that stick together fall apart and separate, and the other…



Sorting Plant

Stadler manufactures turnkey sorting plants for various applications of waste sorting like: light packaging, MSW, paper and cardboard, RDF, co-mingled waste.   For high volumes of waste there is a need of automated sorting plants and Stadler in well known for the high automation degree of its sorting plants and…




APPLICATIONS:   Separation of a flow of materials in fractions of different sizes; Creation of a homogenous mix of various materials; Separation of materialelor that stick on other materials.   The trommels are produced in varioas types: with capacities and screen holes of different sizes, in accordance with the application…



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