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The most state-of-the-art technology developed by Sorrain Cecchini Tecno for the biological treatment and composting of organic waste   The automated composting process takes place inside closed reactor-tanks subject to continuous humidity and temperature checks. Above the composting tank there is an overhead travelling crane – the Biomax-G® – supporting auger, which turns the material according to…




The most complete and cutting-edge waste management system, resulting from 65 years of experience of Sorain Cecchini Group   FullCircle® is a proprietary patented process integrating all the mechanical and biological waste treatment technologies developed to date – recovery of metal and plastic materials, bio-stabilisation, production of refuse derived fuel (RDF) – with the…



JFE gasification

The gasification of refuse derived fuel (RDF) is the last link in the integrated FullCircle® treatment process.   The gasification of RDF is an eco-firendly process, whereby the combustible fraction of waste left behind by the separate collection and mechanical selection systems is transformed into fuel. Thanks to a partnership agreement, SCT…



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