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Balers with automatic tying for cardboard, paper, PET bottles, MSW, RDF, fluff. Tying can be done also with plastic strip, optional the baler may have a fluffer. The feeding conveyor is supplied, on demand.
Sorting plants for: MSW,RDF, paper and cardboard, mixed plastics. High automation degree. Ballistic separators. Trommels.
Design, manufacturing, installation and operation of state of the art patented bio-mechanical treatment of urban solid waste: Biomax G, JFE gasification of RDF inclusive.
Crushers with two shafts, mobile or stationary for MSW or green waste, wood. Stationary and mobile screens. Wind sifters. Conveying and feeding technology.
Screw compactors for: EPS, XPS, EPE, XPE, styrofoam, dewatering of washed plastic foil or PET flakes, dewatering of reject from paper recycling, compacting of PET bottles and aluminum cans.
Turnkey solutions for tires recycling and WEEE.
Turn-key installations for air treatment: ventilation, abatement, climatization, odour elimination, completely automated, according to EU regulations.
Shredders with 1, 2 and 4 shafts, granulators, bag openers, turn-key recycling lines for WEEE, tires, oil filters, glass, cables, hazardous waste.
Magnetic separators.
Dynamic discs screens, stationary and mobile.
Special rolling balers (cylindrical bales) with automatic tying (with stretch foil), horizontal balers, PET perforator.


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